Author Topic: Make your own nakamotodark address  (Read 302 times)


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Make your own nakamotodark address
« on: January 28, 2015, 03:36:57 pm »
Make your own nakamotodark address

This is in windows

1. windows logo + r, type cmd
2. Go to the map where you got the vanitygen files, "cd  desktop/vanitygen"
3. Just type "vanitygen -help" you see the options of vanitygen
4. You can make your own nakamotodark address it must always begin withe the "o", just type "vanitygen -X 38 -i -o odark" you can "odark" change to smothing you want it just take a couple of minutes but if the word is longer than it cost more than a couple minutes
5. you have a file with the private key and you have the new nakamotodark address
6. First backup your wallet
7. if the wallet got a password fisrst unlock it, go to your wallet, to debugwindow and type "walletpassphrase your password and 1000" 1000 are the seconds that the password is open from your wallet
8. you got the private key just type, importprivkey "privkey"
9. that's it

you can download vanitygen here
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